Juvenile Accountability Block Grant (JABG)

Juvenile Accountability Block Grants (JABG) Program

This federally funded program is designed to help communities implement accountability-based programs that focus on both juvenile offenders and the juvenile justice system. These programs focus on providing juvenile offenders with individualized consequences through which they are made award of held responsible for the impact of their actions on a victim; and on increasing the juvenile justice system's capacity to develop youth competence, efficiently track youth through the system, and provide enhanced alternative and restorative justice sanctions. Projects funded under this program must address one of the following program areas:

  • Law Enforcement and Court Personnel Training Programs - Aimed at preventing and addressing juvenile crime
  • Interagency Information Sharing Programs to Aid Informed Decision Making Regarding Juvenile Offenders
  • Accountability-Based Programs Designed to Reduce Recidivism
  • Programs to Provide Risk and Needs Assessments and Treatment for Juvenile Offenders
  • Restorative Justice Programs


Illinois Juvenile Justice Commission

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