PM 02-09-04: Related Services

WAG 02-09-04

relocated textRefer the client for the following related services if appropriate as part of their plan. These services may include, but are not limited to:

  • vocational rehabilitation;
  • emergency intervention;
  • substance abuse, domestic or sexual violence, or mental health programs;
  • life skills training;
  • family planning/sex education;
  • parenting skills; and
  • family counseling.

The related services must be available from the Department or its contractor, or within the community. If in the community, there must be no cost to the Department, or these services must be covered by the Medicaid or Crisis Assistance programs. Child care and transportation may be paid for clients while they receive related services.

Discuss related services with the client when there appears to be a problem or barrier to self-sufficiency that may be helped or resolved by the use of these services. Do not require the client to accept services (other than substance abuse or mental health treatment) if they would rather participate in work and training activities (see PM 21-01-00).

When the client agrees to a referral (other than for substance abuse or mental health treatment) and later decides not to accept the agency's services, allow the client to change their plan and take part in other work and training activities.

revised textFor compliance requirements for barrier reduction Support activities, see PM 03-13-00.