February 11, 2015 Redeploy Illinois Oversight Board


Redeploy Illinois Oversight Board Members and Staff. The public is welcome to attend.


February 11, 2015

11:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m.


This meeting will be conducted via video conference and conference call with Chicago & Springfield Locations as follows:

  • Conference Call Number: (888) 494-4032; Pass Code: 532.954.7331
  • Chicago: 401 South Clinton, Think Tank, 7th Floor
  • Springfield: 823 East Monroe, Video Conference Room.


  1. Call to Order
  2. Roll Call
  3. Consideration of Sangamon County New Site Proposal
  4. Macon County Exception Request - Teen Court
  5. Adjournment


  1. Call to Order
    The meeting was called to order at 11:08 A.M.
  2. Roll Call
    Janet Ahern, Ashley Hooks-Williams (representing Grace Hong Duffin), Jim McCarter, Mary Reynolds, Anne Studzinski. George Timberlake participated by phone. Staff and Guests: Karrie Rueter and Angie Jimenez. Esther Franco- Payne, John Payne, Steve Sawyer, and Mike Torchia participated by phone.
  3. Consideration of Sangamon County Site Request
    Sangamon County submitted an updated version of its site request proposal dated Feb. 2, 2015. The request is for the remainder of FY15. Several questions were posed regarding the cost of psychiatric evaluations and number of youth to be evaluated. The Executive Committee reviewed the types of services which would be offered if the request was approved which include psychological/psychiatric evaluations, substance abuse evaluations and treatment services brokered through Treatment Alternatives for Safe Communities (TASC), and services provided by the Youth Services Bureau.
    The Executive Committee asked staff to contact the Director of Court Services at Sangamon County Mike Torchia to ask questions regarding the number of young people it plans to service in a year, criteria and number of youth proposed to undergo psychiatric/psychological evaluations, and the cost of those evaluations.
    Mike Torchia joined the meeting via phone. He stated that they planned to serve 20 young people annually through YSB and that the YASI scores would drive any determination to conduct a psychiatric/psychological evaluation. The number of youth to be served via TASC was undetermined; he indicated they would serve as many youth as were referred.
    Mike was asked about a model for family therapy noting that family involvement is an integral component to improving youth outcomes and was not evident in the proposal. When asked if TASC had provided a detailed budget, Mike indicated that they had not. Members asked Mike if Sangamon County would be willing to work with Redeploy staff to make adjustments and provide technical assistance etc, and Mike stated that the county would be very willing and appreciate guidance from the Redeploy staff.
    Karrie Rueter advised Mike Torchia of the new policy regarding Redeploy services for pre-adjudicated youth. She asked if there would be any changes to their proposal in the future since they would now be permitted to serve youth under those guidelines. Mike Torchia responded saying that it would impact the number of youth it would seek to serve.  Karrie Rueter reviewed the costs per youth for the Executive Committee, which would average about $6,700 noting that this cost is at a similar funding level as other Redeploy counties/sites.
    Motion: Janet Ahern made a motion to provide a $67,000 Redeploy Illinois program site grant to Sangamon County that would allow for a start-up period not to exceed four-months or 6/30/2015.
    This grant will be issued under the following conditions:
    • More detailed information regarding the TASC budget and services to include projected numbers and basis for same
    • More detailed information from Youth Services Bureau regarding family services and projected caseload for staff and projected numbers to be served.
    • That the use of psychiatric/psychological evaluations would be tied to the YASI results
    • The data collection and analysis would be completed as described and would include an analysis of YASI assessments as part of the planned analysis
    • Provision of, or development of evidence-based and/or evidence-informed programming and family services
      Redeploy staff will discuss the above conditions with Sangamon County prior to issuing a contract and the service and analysis portions of the conditions will be met no later than May 1 and will be incorporated into the FY16 Program Plan and budget due May 31, 2015.
      George Timberlake seconded the motion.
      Decision: The Executive Committee approved the motion.
      Redeploy staff will meet with Sangamon County as soon as possible to provide to review the decision, gather the requested information and provide initial technical assistance.
  4. Macon County Exception Request-Teen Court
    Karrie Rueter noted that under the new policy regarding pre-adjudicated youth, the Macon County Teen Court program would be directly affected. Macon County established its Teen Court seven years ago when it first became a Redeploy site and since that time a small portion of funding has been allocated to this project by Macon County. Macon has requested an exception to this policy for the remainder of the state fiscal year so as to allow them to honor their interagency agreement and to appropriately transition or discontinue services to these youth.
    Karrie asked the Committee if they wished to consider this request or hold off until the full Board meeting as this request was just recently received. Karrie noted that the appropriate notice had been given per OMA and that the Committee could proceed should they so choose. The Executive Committee decided it would take up this issue.
    Motion: Anne Studzinski motioned to approve Macon County's request to continue funding and operation of the Teen Court project through the end of FY15. George Timberlake seconded the motion.
    Decision: The Executive Committee approved the motion.
  5. Adjourn
    Jim McCarter made a motion to adjourn. Janet Ahern seconded the motion.  The meeting was adjourned at 1:06 P.M.