Recovery and Empowerment Handbook


The Department of Human Services/Division of Mental Health is pleased to announce that the 7th Edition Recovery & Empowerment Handbook is now available on the Illinois Mental Health Collaborative website:

Please note that this edition features new and updated information. In particular, a revised Foundational Principles of Wellness chart, updated information for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing population, a map of DMH regions in Illinois, and information on trauma informed recovery services are included. As you review the 7th edition, you will also discover that the term "consumer" is now only being used in reference to program titles or where it would be confusing to use "individual" or "person" or "people". This is based on feedback from individuals with personal experience with mental health recovery in Illinois. Additionally, quotes from persons in recovery in Illinois describing what recovery means to them are featured throughout the Handbook. We know you will find this to be a valuable resource and encourage you to share it with others.