In 2017 the State of Illinois' PACIS system will be changing.  The PACIS screens that provide information on medical, cash and SNAP recipients, eligibility and benefit levels (F1- ACID and F4 - ANQR) will no longer be updated with current information.  Additionally Screens F2, F7, F9, and F13 will be going away. The information on these screens will be housed in the State's new Integrated Eligibility System (IES) after the Phase 2 Go-Live date for IES. Other Screens in PACIS such as KIDS, Recipient Eligibility Inquiry, and AWVS are not changing.

We are in the process of ensuring a smooth transition from PACIS to IES for DHS and HFS staff outside of the FCRCs, All Kids Unit, and HBWD that will need to make the switch, as well as external agencies who will use IES.  This webpage will be your source for information and updates on the transition process, as well as system training information and system support before and after IES Phase 2 Go-Live. On the following pages you will find training roadmaps for many different user group, job aids for specific work functions, and problem solving guides for commonly encountered problems in IES or in the process for accessing IES.

Updates and notifications for External and/or Inquiry only IES Users will be posted here so bookmark this page.

  • IES Transition Center for DHS/HFS Staff Outside the FCRCs/AKU (THIS PAGE IS ONLY ACCESSIBLE TO DHS/HFS STAFF) provides more information on training (including roadmaps), upcoming communications, and troubleshooting.
  • IES Transition Center for Non DHS/HFS Agencies provides detailed instructions for gaining access to IES as well as access to training, communication and support tools
  • If you are in an FCRC, All Kids Unit or HBWD, please visit the IES Training Resource Center on OneNet for information you need to prepare for Phase 2.