Chapter 20 Genetics (GEN)


  • Please refer to the "Cornerstone Genetics Program Screen Flow (GEN1)" displayed in Appendix A.

The following is information about entry of data into the Cornerstone system for a participant in the Genetics Program.



Prior to registration into the Cornerstone system, the Participant Look-up is used to verify the existence of a participant ID number by searching the Master Index to find a participant who may have previously been enrolled in Cornerstone.

The screen is used to copy minimal demographic information on a participant who is already enrolled in the Cornerstone system to the local computer files. A "copy-in" of this data is necessary prior to performing a shared data Wide Area Network (WAN) look-up.

Use of the Participant Look-up reduces duplicate entry of participants. For this reason, the Participant Look-up must be performed before a new participant can be enrolled into the Cornerstone system.

Please refer to Chapter 3 "Participant Screens" under "3.1 Participant Look-up (PA01)" for more information.

For information about resolving duplicate participants in Cornerstone, please refer to Chapter 3 "Participant Screens" under "3.21 Participant Duplicate Browse (PA21)".

PARTICIPANT ENROLLMENT (PA03) - add/edit Address as needed

This screen is used to enroll a new participant into Cornerstone and to capture demographic information for a new or existing participant.

The Participant Enrollment Screen (PA03) is completed only once for each participant participating in Cornerstone programs, but can be edited thereafter. participants may be made active in several programs from the same enrollment record.

The processing within this screen includes checking for duplicate enrollment; assigning a unique, permanent statewide participant ID number (when enrolling a participant for the first time in Cornerstone); assessing potential eligibility for Cornerstone programs; and recording a participant's date of death.

The user has the option to select a Wide Area Network (WAN) Look-Up on this screen by pressing the  F2  shared data key. This will copy-in and add to the local data any additional information found in at the statewide search of the participant Look-Up function. From this screen, the "Address" pop-up window is used to record address and telephone information by pressing  F9 .

Please refer to Chapter 3 "Participant Screens" under "3.3 Participant Enrollment (PA03)" for more information.

ASSESSMENT (AS01) - FHH - Family Health History assessment

This assessment (formerly the Expanded Genetic Screening Tool) should be filled out by the Genetic Coordinator.

Please refer to Chapter 7 "Assessment Screens" under "7.1 Assessment (AS01)" for more information.


Please refer to Chapter 3 "Participant Screens" under "3.29 Expanded Genetics Screening Tool (PA39)" for more information.

* Genetics Visit Date records now display from newest to oldest.


The screen is used to enroll a participant in all programs and, when completed, determines eligibility for a program, based on rules for household size, annual income, age, and category

Use the Program Information (PA15) screen to record the data required to determine the participant's eligibility for the Genetics Program. When completing the Program Information (PA15) screen for Genetics, use the "GEN" program code and one of the following category codes:

Please refer to Chapter 12 "Program Information Screen (PA15) for All Programs" under "12.1 General Information and Enrollment" for more information on the completion of the Program Information Screen.

SERVICE ENTRY (SV01) (Optional)

This screen is used for entering the services that the participant has received, regardless of whether the services were delivered at the agency or by an external provider.

For the Genetics Program, the Service Code of '936 - Genetics Follow-Up' can be used for participants served.

Other services can be recorded at the agency's discretion.

Please refer to Chapter 4 "Service/Activity Screens" under "4.1 Service Entry (SV01)" for more information.


  • Expanded Genetics Screening Tool Tracking Form (HSPR0760)
  • Summary participant Data Form (HSPR0761)
  • Family Health History Summary Report (HSPR0762) (Optional)
  • Family Health History Report (HSPR0208) (Optional)

Reports to be run as needed or required.

Please refer to Chapter 10 "Report Screens" under "10.1 On-Request Report Selection (RP01)" for information on how to run the report.

Please refer to Chapter 11 "Reports" under "11.11.1 Expanded Genetics Screening Tool Tracking Form", "11.11.2 - Summary participant Data Form","11.11.3 - Family Health History Report" and "11.2.8 Family Health History Report" for more information about the specific report.