Notice of Payment Delay in the Child Care Assistance Program

This notification is for all parents and providers who participate in the Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP). Last year, Governor Quinn signed a budget that did not provide adequate funding to pay the full program costs through the end of the fiscal year. Beginning in February providers will experience a delay in payments for child care services through June 30, 2015. The funding shortfall may also result in service reductions to the Child Care Assistance Program.

In the past we have combined Federal funds with State funds in order to pay the monthly bills for child care services; however, this is no longer possible as only Federal funds remain. This means that we are unable to make CCAP payments to providers until the latter part of the month, which is when we receive our Federal funding. Because the allocation of Federal funding is not enough to pay an entire month, unpaid bills will be carried over to the next month and payment delays will get progressively longer each month.

Please try to adjust your bills to accommodate the new schedule. We know you have financial obligations that will be difficult to honor because of the payment delays. You may show this notice to your creditors so they are aware that the payment from the State is delayed and will be delayed for the rest of the fiscal year.

We will continue to post payment updates on the IDHS website at .

You may call (217) 524-9041 for payment processing updates or call 800-804-3833 to track your payment once it is entered for approval.

You may also check the Office of the Comptroller website to see when payment is issued at .

We understand the hardships this may cause. We continue to assess the budget, and will work with the Governor's office to either obtain additional funding or to make cost-saving measures within the program. We will inform providers of the plan moving forward as soon as we receive further direction.