Travel Time Instructions & Forms

Beginning January 1, 2016, Individual Providers working for the Illinois Department of Human Services (DHS) Home Services Program (HSP) are eligible to be paid for time they spend traveling between customers' homes.

Travel time may include:

  • Time spent travelling between two Home Services Program customers when you serve them both on the same day.

Travel time may NOT include:

  • Commuting from your home to a customer's home or from a customer's home to your home.
  • Time spent on personal business, such as lunch, breaks, errands, etc.
  • Gas, mileage, or other expenses.

To be paid for travel time, you must complete two forms:

Home Services Program Travel Agreement

Complete the Home Services Program Travel Agreement once before you begin travelling. Enter a separate line for each pair of customers you travel between. If you only travel between two customers, you will only need to complete one line. Be sure to read the rules about travel in the Individual Provider Certification section.

Return the Travel Agreement to your DRS office before or along with your first Travel Time Sheet. You only need to complete this form again if something on it changes.

Home Services Program Travel Time Sheet

Complete a Travel Time Sheet every pay period during which you travel. Enter a separate line for every trip you make during the pay period. Be sure to complete the Travel Time Sheet accurately and write clearly, including AM or PM with all times.

Return the Travel Time Sheet to your DRS office along with your regular Time Sheets. You only need to submit one Travel Time Sheet each pay period.

If you have questions, please contact your DRS office.