Chapter Four - Lookup

Table of Contents

  1. Participant Lookup
    1. Advanced Search
  2. Participant Lookup Search Results
    1. Participant Details

The Lookup function allows the user to run a search for existing participant records. A participant lookup is required whenever a participant needs to be added to the system in order to avoid duplicate entry of participant records and to reduce data entry.

Participant Lookup

The Participant Lookup screen allows the user to run a search for existing participant records. The user must enter a last name or a Cornerstone ID for a successful search. Click Lookup to access the Participant Lookup screen and enter the Participant Search criteria.

Participant Lookup screen

  1. Select a Name Search Type.
  2. Enter the participant's Last Name.
  3. Enter the participant's First Name.
  4. Select a Match Birth Date By preference.
  5. Enter the participant's Date of Birth (mm/dd/yyyy).
    • Click the Date Selector button to display the drop-down calendar.
  6. Enter the participant's Cornerstone ID.
  7. Click Search. The system will display the Participant Lookup Search Results.
    • Click the Advanced Search link to activate the Advance Search section of the screen.

Advanced Search

If the list of search results is too large, the user can click the Advanced Search link for options that will refine the search. The system will display the Advanced Criteria section of the screen. Enter the Participant advanced search criteria.

Paticipant Lookup screen advance search

  1. Select the participant's Gender from the drop-down menu.
  2. Enter the participant's SSN.
  3. Enter the participant's RIN.
  4. Select the participant's State.
  5. Enter the participant's Zip.
  6. Select the participant's County.
  7. Click Search. The system will display the Search Results.

Participant Lookup Search Results

The search results will display. If the participant record does not exist in the eCornerstone system, it can be added. If the participant record already exists, the record can be edited.

  • Click Add to add a new participant record. The system will display the Preparing Participant for Intake screen.
  • Click the Name(s) link to edit an existing participant record. The system will display the Participant Summary screen.
  • Click the Display Detail link to display the Participant Details screen, in a new window.

Participant Lookup results

Participant Details

To view the participant's details, click the Display Details link found in the search results of the Participant Lookup screen. The screen will open in a new window.

  • Click the Close Window link to close the screen.

Participant Details screen

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