Volume VIII, Issue VII - December 2014

From: Theodora Binion, Director SMART ALERT Volume VIII Issue VII Off Site Licensure Exceptions at Nursing Homes (pdf)
Division of Alcoholism and Substance


The purpose of this Smart Alert is to provide notification to all licensed providers concerning off-site exceptions as they pertain to licensed services delivered in nursing homes.

The Department's licensure rule, Part 2060, gives the Director of DASA authority to grant exceptions for delivery of licensed services at locations other than at the address of the licensed facility. These exceptions are specified as "off-site" and are granted and revoked at the sole discretion of the Director in accordance with the provisions specified in Part 2060.303. The rationale and procedure for requesting an off-site exception is also specified in Part 2060.203 and these rules are used to grant and renew all such requests.

It has been the current practice of DASA to grant off-site exceptions for delivery of Level I and II services to residents of nursing home facilities. However, a recent increase in the number of these requests, specifically for nursing home facilities, has raised concern regarding medical necessity and the treatment modalities utilized for this population.

As a result, DASA has placed a moratorium on renewing or granting any additional exceptions for off-site services at nursing homes. This moratorium will be in effect until a thorough investigation is conducted to determine patient demographics, the intensity of services and the medical necessity for such services. This investigation will begin in January, 2015 and involve record reviews and on-site inspections at locations currently authorized under existing exceptions.

Please direct any questions you have regarding this matter to Peggy Alexander, Deputy Director, at 312-814-2294.