Team 5: Monitoring and Quality Recommendations

  1. Develop ISC performance indicators that focus on measurable quality outcomes of ISC services/supports rather than validation of services completed. Adopt proposed Performance Indicators.
  2. Standardize forms across all 18 PAS agencies and enable writable via PC and accessible on DHS website.
  3. Provide uniform training for alll stakeholders - PAS/ISSA, providers, families, regional facilitators and DCFS/DHS reviewers.
    • New Individual Visit and Interview Notes to be phased in as a pilot project to be revised after a trial period.
    • Announce date of implementation of new recommendations, distribute documents and offer multiple mandatory trainings across the state over several months.
  4. Measure responsiveness to families. Conduct sample satisfaction interviews and surveys as proposed. Attachment A.
  5. Create a provide a visual "flowchart" of the Illinois Service Delivery System for DD/ID
    • ISCs to share/review with families as a Resource Guide
    • Outline steps to access system and the general PUNS process
    • Review with families annually, discuss their current "position" in the system and next steps moving forward
    • Incorporate a guide that identifies each Team Member's roles - ISC, ISSA, Provider, Parent/Guardian
  6. Use a document separate from the Individual Visit and Interview Notes for "additional monitoring". Review if necessary and implement consistently across all 18 PAS agencies.
  7. Measure the length of time from date individual is determined eligible to the date services begin. Defined as the first billable day/hour with chosen provider.
  8. Revise and standardize ISC Individual Visit and Interview Notes and interpretative guidelines to solicit meaningful feedback as proposed. Attachment B.
  9. Identify system/process, resources and training for soliciting input from individuals who require alternative communication methods. Attachment C.
  10. Develop a central data reporting/management system that is accessible to multiple users.
  11. Establish competencies for Service Coordination staff, enhanced QIDP training and continuing education.
  12. Enhance/develop continuing education for greater understanding of ISC roles to all stakeholders. Refer to flowchart of delivery system.
  13. Require training on person centered planning to be consistent for all stakeholders - PAS/ISSA, Providers, families, guardians, individuals.
  14. Division to share survey results with ISC including providers specific and general concerns.
  15. Define the process and feedback for how Division will respond to technical assistance referrals from ISC.
  16. Define what the Satisfaction Survey is to be used for and emphasize that it is NOT to be used for. It is not designed to be used punitively towards any stakeholder.
  17. Communicate a clear definition of the "TEAM" - Interdisciplinary Team, Support Team. The final say should be driven by families not professionals.
  18. Develop a standardized process to address people who are satsified.
  19. Conflict Resolution should be changed to Resolution of Issues and/or Concerns to demonstrate colloboration.