FY14 Year End Financial Reporting and Consolidated Financial Report (CFR) Webinar


Communication Alert
Subject: FY14 Year End Financial Reporting and Consolidated Financial Report (CFR) Webinar


Good Morning!

This is just a reminder that most of your FY14 Year End Financial Reporting documents due dates

are 60 days later than in prior years for the State Fiscal Year 2014 reporting period. (Most

documents are due 180 days after the entity's year end. For the bulk of our providers, this

means most of your year-end reports are due on December 27, 2014).

ILDHS will be providing a webinar starting October 15, 2014 for those providers who want more

guidance on their FY14 Financial Year End Reporting Requirements to DHS or would like to learn

more about completing a Year End CFR. Registration for the class is now open. Please visit us at

https://www.dhs.state.il.us/page.aspx?item=72376 for more information and to register for the class.

Looking forward to wrapping up FY14 with you!

Ellen King, Chief,

Bureau of Contract Compliance

Department of Human Services

State of Illinois


Prior to the class, please click the link below to ensure you can get into the on-line training room.


You should see text of Blackboard Collaborate. (It will ask you to Log In to the session - this will be used

the day of your training). If you cannot open the link, contact the Illinois Department of Human Services MIS Software

Support at 217.557.4250. The day of your training, once you are in the training room, you will be able to see a power point

slide. In order to hear the training, dial 1-888-494-4032; Access Code: 9786079493#.

Frequently asked questions in this training will be posted to the DHS Website. The Illinois

Department of Human Services, Office of Contract Compliance, welcomes your participation in

this training.

If you have questions, please contact: The CRV Staff: Aaliyah Bannister-Batie:

Aaliyah.Bannister-Batie@illinois.gov or Darnell Howard: Darnell.Howard@Illinois.gov