Attachment B - Application Content Checklist

Illinois Department of Human Services
Division of Family and Community Services
Bureau of Family Nutrition
Released: October, 2014

Attachment B - Application Content Checklist

Name of RFA:


The application should contain the following in this order:

  • Applicant Cover Sheet
  • This Application Content Checklist
  • Executive Summary
  • Organization Qualifications/Organizational Capacity
  • Purpose of Funding
  • Target Population
  • Community Outreach and Collaboration
  • Budget Forms and Budget Justification
  • Service Area
  • Linguistic and Cultural Competency Plan
  • Appendix A: Organizational Chart
  • Appendix B: Resumes
    • Applicant's Executive Director
    • Program Director
  • Appendix C: Job Descriptions
    • Program Director
    • Other Grant Funded Employees
  • Appendix D: Letters of Support from collaborating agencies/organizations (if applicable)
  • Appendix E: Budget Narrative
  • Appendix F: Tax-exemption documentation (if applicable)