New Process to Change Fiscal/Employer Agencies (F/EA)

Department of Human Services
Division of Developmental Disabilities
Information Bulletin

New Process to Change Fiscal/Employer Agencies
September, 2014


This Information Bulletin is to inform service facilitation agencies that the Division is changing its policy for individuals in Home-Based Services and Supports (HBS) who hire their own workers and who wish to change their fiscal/employer agents (F/EAs).

Process and Procedure

  • Individuals or their representatives may now change F/EAs before the start of any fiscal quarter but may do so only once per calendar year. The previous procedure was to allow the changing of an F/EA only during the last quarter of the calendar year.
  • Changes in F/EAs must be done at the start of a quarter to ensure the accurate reporting of taxes.
  • Service Facilitators must inform the individuals and families they serve and who are wishing to make F/EA changes about this new policy.
  • To change F/EAs, individuals or representatives must send the Fiscal/Employer Agent Transfer Request (docx) to the new F/EA and work with the new F/EA to complete all necessary enrollments for the employer and employee(s). The contact information for the two HBS F/EAs is provided below.
  • When a request is initiated, the transfer form must be faxed or mailed to the new F/EA two months before the beginning of the next quarter.
  • Completed enrollment packets must be received by the new F/EA one month prior to the beginning of the next quarter.
  • Because payroll is issued two weeks after services are provided, the new F/EA will issue the second payroll of the new quarter. If questions concerning payroll arise, contact the issuing F/EA.

Fiscal/Employer Agency Contact Information

830 S. Spring Street
Springfield, IL  62704

Contact: Tasha Whiteside

Toll Free Phone:  (877) 223-7781
Fax Number: (217) 528-9849

Web site:

Public Partnerships
One Cabot Drive, Suite 102
Medford, MA  02155

Contact:  Customer Service, Illinois DD Project

Toll Free Number: (888) 866-0582
Toll Free Fax Number: (866) 826-7287

Web site:  

Questions and Concerns

If you have questions or concerns, please contact Dave Adden at: or (217) 524-0848.

Effective Date

This policy goes into effect immediately.