Ligas Class Members Enrolled in PUNS: Summary by ISC Area

Updated 7/3/2024

Please note: Some agencies operate in multiple areas.  Currently data is reported under only one area.  As a result, some areas show no active count.  We are in the process of updating the reports for individuals residing in the ISC Area H.

Summary by ISC Area

ISC Area
Total Active
Class Member
Count by Area
% of Total Active
 Class Members
by Area
Area A  (Services Inc.) 0.01%
Area B  (Community Alternative Unlimited) 2395 25.53%
Area C  (Community Service Options) 847 9.04%
Area D  (Suburban Access) 1132 12.07%
Area E  (Services Inc.) 0.01%
Area F  (Services Inc.) 2981 31.78%
Area G  (Prairieland Service Coordination) 10 0.12%
Area H  (Champaign County Regional Planning Commission) 15 0.17%
Area I  (Central Illinois Service Access) 630 6.72%
Area J  (Prairieland Service Coordination) 1116 11.90%
Area K  (Prairieland Service Coordination)
Area L  (Southern Illinois Case Coordination) 257 2.75%
Totals: 9379

Note:  Counts include active Ligas Class Members enrolled on PUNS, including those marked as fully served.  Some class members, especially those living in ICFs/DD, may not yet be enrolled on PUNS.  Therefore, the totals here may not exactly match the total Ligas Class Members reported in the Ligas Six-Month Data Reports.The Ligas Six-Month Data Reports use a separate data source.