Ligas Class Members Enrolled in PUNS: Summary by ISC Area

Updated 6/08/2022

Please note: Some agencies operate in multiple areas.  Currently data is reported under only one area.  As a result, some areas show no active count.

Summary by ISC Area

ISC Area
Total Active
Class Member
Count by Area
% of Total Active
 Class Members
by Area
Area A  (Services Inc.)
Area B  (Community Alternative Unlimited) 2176 25.66%
Area C  (Community Service Options) 767 9.05%
Area D  (Suburban Access) 1079 12.73%
Area E  (Services Inc.)
Area F  (Services Inc.) 2577 30.38%
Area G  (Prairieland Service Coordination) 1 0.02%
Area H  (Champaign County Regional Planning Commission) 595 7.02%
Area I  (Central Illinois Service Access) 279 3.30%
Area J  (Prairieland Service Coordination) 782 9.23%
Area K  (Prairieland Service Coordination)
Area L  (Southern Illinois Case Coordination) 228 2.70%
Totals: 8479

Note:  Counts include active Ligas Class Members enrolled on PUNS, including those marked as fully served.  Some class members, especially those living in ICFs/DD, may not yet be enrolled on PUNS.  Therefore, the totals here may not exactly match the total Ligas Class Members reported in the Ligas Six-Month Data Reports.The Ligas Six-Month Data Reports use a separate data source.