Ligas Class Members Enrolled on PUNS: Summary by Diagnosis Code

Updated 9/8/2021

Ligas Class Members - Summary By Diagnosis Code 

Diagnosis Code / Description Total Ligas Member Active Count
Autism 2,765 2,730
Childhood Disintegrative Disorder 42 42
Pervasive Developmental Disorder 22 22
Cerebral Palsy 323 317
Mild Mental Retardation 1,000 953
Moderate MR 745 705
Severe MR 205 190
Profound MR 91 84
Unspecified Mental Retardation 1,290 1,271
Epilepsy 458 452
Other Diagnosis Codes 192 188

Summary By Specific Multiple Diagnosis

Diagnosis Description Total Ligas Members Active Count
Cerebral Palsy with Mental Retardation 70 66
Epilepsy with Mental Retardation 147 145
Autism Spectrum Disorder with Mental Retardation 410 391
Mental Illness and Mental Retardation Dual Diagnosis 1,000 953
Total Ligas Class Members 9,538
Total Active PUNS 9,372

Note:  Counts include active Ligas Class Members enrolled on PUNS, including those marked as fully served.  Some class members, especially those living in ICFs/DD, may not yet be enrolled on PUNS.  Therefore, the totals here may not exactly match the total Ligas Class Members reported in the Ligas Six-Month Data Reports.The Ligas Six-Month Data Reports use a separate data source.