Pre-Admission Screening Manual Revisions — Required Assessments

Department of Human Services
Division of Developmental Disabilities
Information Bulletin

Pre-Admission Screening Manual Revisions - Required Assessments
August 26, 2014


This Information Bulletin is directed to Pre-Admission Screening agencies to inform them of changes in required assessments. These changes are intended to streamline the eligibility assessment process for individuals seeking new or different developmental disabilities Medicaid services.

Summary of Changes

  • 120.00, #2:  Persons moving from private Intermediate Care Facilities for Persons with Developmental Disabilities (ICFs/DD) or State-Operated Developmental Centers (SODCs) to Developmental Disabilities Medicaid Waivers are now exempt from the OBRA 1 Screening Process.
  • 200.50, B:  Psychological assessments for persons in the severe/profound range of intellectual disability need not be within five years of the date of the Level II.
  • 200.50, D:  Physical examinations must be current within one year (rather than 30 calendar days) of the date recorded on the DDPAS-2.
  • 200.80:  A full Level II is not required for persons moving from private ICFs/DD or SODCs to Developmental Disabilities Medicaid Waiver services or settings. Guidance is given regarding the documentation of eligibility.
  • 1000.45:  The order of the list of priority populations for residential services is corrected to match the Waiver and Attachment A to the Community Services Agreement.

Process and Procedure

The changes summarized above require modifications to be made to the following forms:

The necessary modifications are underway. Revised forms will be posted on the Division's web site as soon as the forms are finalized by the Department's Forms Control Unit. In the meantime, please continue using the existing forms. Division staff processing the applications are being given an updated internal check list for use during their reviews.

Effective Date

These changes have been discussed previously with and reviewed by the PAS agencies in draft form. The changes are effective immediately.