UCP Seguin Volunteers At The Moving Wall - August 7th through 11th

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UCP Seguin Volunteers At The Moving Wall

The Moving Wall came to Berwyn's Proksa Park from August 7th through 11th - and persons with disabilities and staff from UCP Seguin of Greater Chicago were moved to help make its brief visit a success.

The Wall, the half-size replica of the Vietnam Veteran Memorial on permanent display in Washington D.C., has been touring local communities throughout the United States for 30 years. Berwyn Mayor Robert J. Lovero and the Berwyn Development Corporation sponsored the wall's local visit and organized the many volunteers needed to ensure a meaningful experience for local veterans and other community members. Staff members of UCP Seguin's "Community Connections" program connected with the organizers, seeing this as a way for people with disabilities to give back to their community.

UCP Seguin of Greater Chicago is a charitable social services agency serving 1000 children and adults with disabilities throughout the Greater Chicago area, including many residents of Berwyn and other west and south suburbs. A large group of individuals with developmental disabilities and UCP Seguin support staff joined other community members, groups and organizations as volunteers for The Moving Wall. UCP Seguin volunteers helped loved ones locate the names of their friends and family members on the exhibit. Afterwards they assisted with routine maintenance of the exhibit.

Many of individuals with disabilities engaged in this effort recently moved into UCP Seguin homes and employment and training programs, when the State of Illinois closed the Jacksonville Developmental Center in 2012 as part of Governor Quinn's Rebalancing Initiative. They were provided an opportunity to fulfill UCP Seguin's mission and "act as vital members of the community".

"We are especially proud of the way people with disabilities and staff generously contributed to this poignant memorial," stated John Voit, UCP Seguin President and CEO. "The Moving Wall brought together, side by side, people with and without disabilities to commemorate the brave souls we have lost to war. Not only do the people we serve benefit from this experience, but so does the whole community."

For more information on UCP Seguin, please call Dawneen Suriano at 708.222.4251, or visit www.seguin.org.

Volunteer staff and residents of UCP Seguin

Pictured are staff and residents of UCP Seguin, seven of whom who were former residents of Jacksonville Developmental Center and one individual who was a former resident at Ludeman Developmental Center. These individuals volunteered at the
exhibit of the half-size replica of the Vietnam Veteran Memorial-The Moving Wall-which was recently displayed at Proksa Park in Berwyn, Illinois. This is a prime example of why community living is so important.