Letter to Guardians, Parents, and Families - Murray Developmental Center - Recently Issued Federal Court Ruling

Dear Murray Parents and Guardians,

As you know, the federal court recently issued a ruling concerning the Murray Developmental Center. Since the court's ruling, we have received many questions on what will happen next.

We remain strongly committed to working with you in honoring your choice of eligible living and support options for your loved ones. There are home and community-based options, such as Community Integrated Living Arrangements or services in the family home, and non-community-based options, such as private Intermediate Care Facilities or other State Operated Developmental Centers available.

We will have more information in the coming weeks and will be in close communication with you.

In the meantime, please visit www.myhome.illinois.gov  to learn more about the various options that are available.

As always, feel free to contact us with any questions. Kevin Casey, Director of the Division of Developmental Disabilities, (kevin.casey@illinois.gov ; phone: 217-524-7065) or Rick Starr, Acting Center Director, Richard.starr@illinois.gov ; phone 618-532-1811. Ext. 4817 would be happy to assist you in understanding your options. You may also contact Ann Yaunches, Independent Service Coordinator for Southern Illinois Case Coordination Services (SICCS) at 800-828-7422.