MR #14.22: Change in the AABD Cash Assistance Standard for Noncitizens Ineligible for SSI Due to 7 Year Limit

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This release:

  • Revises the way the AABD cash assistance standard is calculated for noncitizens who lose their SSI due to the 7 year federal limit.
  • Adds a new section to the WAG historical data.
  • Includes Central Office action taken to effect the change.

AABD Cash Assistance Standard

Due to a change in state law, the AABD cash assistance standard for a noncitizen who loses SSI due to a 7 year limit is now calculated using 90% of the current SSI payment level.  Beginning 07/01/14, the amount is $648.90.

New WAG Section for Historical Data

New section WAG 25-06-15 retains historical data on this standard.

Central Office Action

Central action was taken to change the 329 code in Item 80 to the new amount effective the August 2014 payment month, and issue supplemental payments for July 2014.  No action is required by the FCRC. 

[signed copy on file]

Michelle R. B. Saddler

Secretary, Illinois Department of Human Services