FY15 Community Services Provider Manual Overview of Changes

DHS/DMH FY15 Community Services Provider Manual Overview of Changes

July 8, 2014

Community Services Provider Manual

Minor changes to section titles and reformatting of the manual.

Attachment B

Added information regarding the Illinois Firearm Owner Identification requirements

Removed the following language that had been in previous fiscal year Attachment's: "This contract may include grant funding for programs or portions thereof that involve some services and activities that have not been converted to a fee-for-service basis. Programs paid as a capacity grant may be converted to fee-for-service during this fiscal year."

Consumer Eligibility, Enrollment/Registration, and Benefit Groups

Format cleaned up, no significant content change

Forensic Handbook

Updated April 2014.

  • Added updates in forensic hospital contact information
  • Revised UST/NGRI statutory information or manual organization
  • Updated all reporting forms & statutes

Crisis Care Systems Policy Manual

Combines Region 1 South Crisis Care System Policy Manual and Northwest Crisis Care Policy Manual

Updated July 1, 2014

DMH Provider Medicaid Enrollment

New section outlining requirements and contact person for providers interested in becoming certified to provide Community Mental Health Rule 132 services

FY15 Provider Monitoring

Using same tools that were used in FY13, link will be added soon