Team 5: Monitoring and Quality Meeting Minutes (5-22-14)

Location of Meeting: GoTo Meeting (phone)

Members Present

  • Mary Lou Bourne
  • Matt Toohey Mary
  • Mary Jane Friedrich
  • Patty Walters
  • Shawna Egan
  • Joshelle Gildon-Williams

Meeting Notes

  • The team discussed the Service Monitoring Tools used in Florida, Georgia, Pennsylvania and Ohio.
  • The team expressed the desire to eliminate (or reduce) the adversarial feel of the current ISSA monitoring of service providers.
  • Current ISSA Monitoring Notes: recommend language change on I. from "Major Issues to Purpose".
  • Recommend DHS write instructions outlining how to complete quarterly visit notes, provide a guideline, and provide in-person (webinar at minimum) training for all new Service Coordinators. The team felt strongly that DHS should train everyone consistently. The need for the training in writing and in person would elminate the subjective differences in how different BQM reviewers interpret: priorities as well as how the notes and reviews should be done.
  • Recommendation to minimize "fill in the space narratives" to Yes, No and N/A check boxes.
  • Recommendation to change language on III. from "Concern's or Issues to Areas of Interest".
  • Recommendation to reverse the sequence of Parts IV and V.
  • The Pennsylvania Monitoring Tool was reviewed closely.
  • Much discussion occurred that all agreed the sequencing of questions and the language used sets the tone for a positive or negative interaction.
  • Recommendation to change from "Monitoring to Individual Review".