Appendix A: Survey Instruments

Illinois Salary and Staffing Survey of Licensed Child Care Facilities
Fiscal Year 2013

Fiscal Year 2013 Illinois Child Care Salary and Staffing Survey - Child Care Centers


  • Please read and follow all directions carefully for each question.  For some questions, you will need to check the appropriate box; for some questions, you will need to circle the appropriate number; and for some questions, you will need to write in the appropriate number or information requested.
  • Please DO NOT write your name anywhere on the questionnaire.  We have given each survey a number to help us keep track of which providers have returned their forms and which need reminders.  All information will be kept confidential.
  • Please try to answer every question as accurately as possible, adding explanatory notes only when necessary.  Be sure to complete the colored worksheet in the middle of this survey using the directions provided in the first page of the workbook insert.
  • Please complete the questionnaire and return it in the enclosed, stamped envelope to:
    • Christine Bruckner
      1226 Towanda Plaza
      Bloomington, IL 61701
  • Thank you for taking valuable time out of your busy schedule to complete this survey.  The survey will take approximately 60 minutes to complete.  It need not be completed in one sitting, but we ask that you return it to us within 2 weeks of receiving it.  Your investment of time will contribute to knowledge that will improve the conditions and address the needs of all child care provers in Illinois.

Thank you again.