MR #14.21: Medicare Savings Program (MSP) Resource Limits for 2014

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The resource limit for the Medicare Savings Program (MSP) is $7,160 for a single person and $10,750 for a person with one or more dependents. Apply this resource limit when determining eligibility for QMB, SLIB, and QI-1.  See PM 07-02-01 (AABD) for determining resources.

  • Form 3120 (pdf (pdf)/3120S (pdf) (R-06-14), Medicaid Payment of Medicare Cost Sharing Expenses, has been revised.
  • Brochure HFS 3757 (pdf (pdf))/3757S (pdf) (R-06-14), Medicare Savings for Qualified Beneficiaries, has been revised.
  • HFS 3120/ (pdf) HFS 3120S (pdf) and HFS 3757/HFS 3757S, may be downloaded on the HFS website.

Manual Revisions

Forms referenced:

HFS 3120

HFS 3120S

HFS 3757

HFS 3757S

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Michelle R.B. Saddler

Secretary, Illinois Department of Human Services

Julie Hamos

Director, Illinois Department of HealthCare and Family Services