Voiding of Claims



DMH Provider:

DMH contracted providers who are required to void claims due to post payment review findings, or who wish to void claims for other purposes, must submit this information electronically to HFS using the 5010 format (formerly 837P). This information cannot be submitted manually or via Direct Data Entry (DDE) through the MEDI system portal. Additionally, the time period during which voids may be submitted must be within one year of the paid claim voucher date. HFS is in the process of developing a procedure to permit providers to void claims exceeding this time period. It is the Division of Mental Health's expectation that once this process becomes available, DMH contracted providers will submit outstanding voids as required.

If technical questions with regard to the claims voiding process, please contact the HFS Billing Consultants at 877-782-5565, and press "0". If questions with regard to post payment review findings and requirements, please contact your DMH regional contract manager.