Team 6 - Business Process

With input from the other teams, the Business Process Team determines resources and supports needed for service coordinators to be successful. This Team will explore changes in business rules and practices that will be necessary to support the service coordinators in the new initiative. Team members will provide recommendations for:

  • improving caseload ratios;
  • enhancing Individual Profile development and monitoring of service delivery; and
  • modifying business rules that will maximize Federal Financial Participation (FFP)

Team Responsibilities

  1. Map out strategies for implementing key components of the change initiative.
  2. Identify and overcome any obstacles impeding successful implementation of the change initiative.
  3. Keep key stakeholders apprised of the progress of the change initiative by way of status reports to the Steering Committee.

Team Focus

  1. How many hours of work and is it one time only or ongoing?
  2. Grant funding or fee for service?

On the Table

  • Enhanced technology - enter date once!!
  • Everything PAS does should be fee for service. Be able to bill for all the work they do.


Name Organization Email Address
Facilitator: Mary Lou Bourne Support Development Associates
Co-Chairs Matt Toohey
Frank DeBartolomeo
Access Services of Northern Illinois
Service, Inc.
Communicator: Joanell Voigt Community Alternatives Unlimited
Liaison: Gary Kramer DDD, Bureau of Community Reimbursement
Members: Barb Bell Great Rivers Service Coordination
Helen Michelassi Prairieland Service Coordination 
Mary MacGlaughlin Central Illinois Service Access
Bobbi Grawe West Central Service Coordination
David Ogunbode Community Service Options
Tom Schell South Chicago Parents & Friends, Inc.
Geni Cutler Suburban Access, Inc.
Merlin Lehman Guardian/Family