Team 3 - PUNS and HCBS Enrollment

The PUNS and HCBS Enrollment Team will develop an action plan to respond to feedback received from the PUNS listening tours.

Additional Team Documentation

Team Responsibilities

  1. Map out strategies for implementing key components of the change initiative.
  2. Identify and overcome any obstacles impeding successful implementation of the change initiative.
  3. Keep key stakeholders apprised of the progress of the change initiative by way of status reports to the Steering Committee.

Team Focus

  1. Incorporate the results of the PUNS listening tours and recommended changes to the method currently used to identify prioritized individuals.
  2. Details of the sequence and steps in the streamlined process for establishing Medicaid Eligibility and Waiver Enrollment
  3. Develop a consistent method (materials?) to describe and explain this to families?
  4. Establish model for family education in the whole process
  5. Under "b" separate Medicaid eligibility and waiver enrollment
  6. Electronic and paper notifications done on a timely manner
  7. Transfers between agencies more efficient
  8. Reconcile 2b and 4c - group needs to meet to address this as a team
  9. Quick way to enroll in Medicaid
  10. ISSA hours individualized based on the person needs and IDT due to behavioral, mental health, medical, or traumatic life event
  11. 4c holistic approach to plan the good, bad and the ugly comprehensive
  12. Define crisis
  13. Medicaid liaison
  14. Explain the PUNS process
  15. Lots of duplication with Team 2 - consider combining
  16. Central database that shares all common information


Name Organization Email Address
Facilitator: Celia Feinstein CFA, Inc.
Chair Person: Jane Nesbit Developmental Disabilities Services Metro East
Communicator: Michelle Tibbs Western Illinois Service Coordination
Liaison: Reta Hoskin Division of Developmental Disabilities
Members: Mary Kaye Speidel Southern Illinois Case Coordination Services
LeAnndra Keltner Central Illinois Service Access
Alisha O'Boyle Livingston County Mental Health Board
Teresa Positano Options & Advocacy McHenry County
Cindy Sullivan Options & Advocacy McHenry County
Carolyn Racki PACT, Inc.
Leslie Hart DayOne Network
Terry Cremer Association for Individual Development
Betty Jackson Envision Unlimited
Missy Kichline Parent/Family Support Network
David Ogunbode Community Service Options
Carm Herman Olson Center of Hope