Team 2 - Intake and DD Eligibility

The Intake and DD Eligibility Team will develop strategies to help individuals and families better navigate our complex system. Team members will provide recommendations for:

  • streamlining the intake and eligibility process;
  • making materials more user-friendly; and
  • simplifying the process used to introduce individuals and families to our system, making it easier for them to gain access to services.

Additional Team Documentation

Team Responsibilities

  1. Describe a process for Support Coordinators to use when describing supports available (first contact discussion with families)
  2. Describe a new model to identify supports needed/requested by family (NOT offer a service menu that already exists - but focus on the results the person/family wants)
  3. Steps to carry out the timely identification of DD eligibility

Team Focus

  • Families and Advocates Included
  • Consistency in determining eligibility
  • Train system-wide:everyone, not just SSA's
  • Standard criteria set for eligibility
  • Consider combining work - much duplication between ISSA/ISC, etc.
  • Create a central database that shares all common general information (so parents don't have to repeat info)


Name Organization Email Address
Facilitator: Mary Lou Bourne Support Development Associates
Chair Person:
Communicator: Mary McGlauchlen Central Illinois Service Access
Liaison: Dr. Geunyeong Pyo and Joe Turner DDD, Bureau of Clinical Services
Members: Shelly Lawler Southern Illinois Case Coordination Services
Ginny Jarrell Developmental Disabilities Services Metro East
Alice Devany Developmental Disabilities Services Metro East
Heather Houser Prairieland Service Coordination
Queen Dickerson Service, Inc.
Julie Hobson Community Service Options
Amy Kaiser Day One Network
Shirley Perez Family Support Network
Katherine Hamann The ARC of Illinois
Vickie Kean Don Moss and Associates
Wanda Thomas Association for Individual Development