2013 Statewide Call Series: "Building Bridges Together"

2013 Statewide Call Series: Building Bridges Together

2013 Statewide Call Series: "Building Bridges Together"

The Division of Mental Health Recovery Services Development Group (RSDG) is pleased to announce the theme and topics for the 2013 Recovery & Empowerment Statewide Call Series: "Building Bridges Together."

These educational calls for persons receiving mental health services and their supporters have been held monthly since 2007. Formerly known as "consumer education & support statewide calls," they have been growing in momentum in the mental health recovery community, with an average attendance of nearly 500 participants per month during 2012. The RSDG felt it was time to reflect this growth and evolution by selecting a new name for the annual series, which will now be called the Recovery & Empowerment Statewide Call Series.

The RSDG would like to thank all those who submitted topic ideas and suggestions. Nearly 100 distinct topic ideas were submitted for the 2013 series, creating a delightful challenge for the RSDG members to organize them into 10 topic categories. The dates and topics for the calls are listed below and can also be found on the attached flyer.

An announcement will be sent via Communication Alert three weeks prior to each Call, including the dial-in number and all associated handouts. We look forward to your participation in next year's educational series!

  • January 24: "Building Bridges from Sobriety to Wellness"
  • February 28:  "Building Bridges toward Health & Wellness"
  • March 28: "Building Bridges toward Personal Independence"
  • April 25: "Building Bridges from Peer to Peer"
  • May 23:  "Building Bridges from Symptoms to Solutions"
  • June 27: "Building Bridges to Healthy Relationships"
  • July 25: "Building Bridges through Work & Benefits"
  • August 22: "Building Bridges to Financial Peace"
  • September 26:  "Building Bridges from Attitude to Gratitude"
  • October 24: "Building Bridges from Stigma to Informed Advocacy"