Attachment B - Application Content Checklist

Illinois Department of Human Services
Division of Family and Community Services
Bureau of Child Care and Development

Services for Preschool Instructional Excellence RFA

Released March 14, 2014

Application Content Checklist

Name of RFA:  Preschool Instructional Excellence


The Application should contain the following in this order:

  • Application Cover Sheet
  • Executive Summary
  • Organization Qualifications/Organizational Capacity
  • Application
    • Development, Adaption and Dissemination of Resources for Instructional leaders
    • Training and Technical Assistance for Program Instructional Leaders
    • Small Sub-grams for Preschool Programs
    • Program Timeline and Workplan
  • Budget Forms and Budget Justification
  • Appendix A:  Resumes
    • Applicant's Executive Director
    • Program or Project Director
  • Appendix B:  Job Descriptions
    • Program Director
    • Other Grant Funded Employees
  • Appendix C: Organizational Chart
  • Appendix D: Letters of Reference (3) from Organizations for Whom Similar Services Have Been Provided.
  • Appendix E: Letters of Agreement/Support from Collaborating Agencies/organizations (if applicable), if not applicable please leave blank.
  • Appendix F: Most recent audited financial statements
  • Appendix G: Board of Directors list (if applicable), if not applicable please state.
  • Appendix H: Tax-exemption documentation (if applicable), if not applicable, please state.