Attachment E - Logic Model Worksheets

Illinois Department of Human Services
Division of Family and Community Services
Bureau of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault

Domestic Violence Shelter & Services RFA

Released March 12, 2014


Complete the Logic Model Worksheets for each of the following five major service areas for which you are requesting IDHS support:

  • Emergency Shelter
  • Advocacy and Other Supportive Services (this may include housing advocacy, economic assistance, employment assistance, medical assistance, parental services, education assistance, life skills, conflict resolution, or advocacy with other outside parties on behalf of the victim or children)
  • Legal advocacy
  • Counseling (this may include individual counseling in person or by telephone, individual children's counseling, or family counseling)
  • Group counseling (victim or children support groups)

Please refer to section D of this RFA for definitions of these services. Intended outcomes are listed on the worksheets for each of these five service areas.

Use the following guidelines to complete the Logic Model Worksheets:

  • Clearly delineate the inputs and activities that demonstrate how your agency's service delivery helps the State meet its intended outcomes for domestic violence services.
  • Using bullet points, give brief highlights to summarize how services described at length in the narrative portion of your Application lead to successfully achieving outcomes for each of the five service areas requiring outcome measurement.
  • Under INPUTS, provide brief descriptions of the resources your organization contributes to service delivery such as staff, volunteers, technology, space, etc.
  • Under ACTIVITIES, give brief specific descriptions about what you do (e.g. conduct workshops, develop products, train staff, facilitate groups, provide counseling, education, provide information on victim compensation, provide transportation to court, etc.)