Case Coordination Questions from Providers

Case Coordination Questions from Providers

November 28, 2012

Dear DHS/DMH Provider,

As you know, the state is currently undergoing landmark changes in Medicaid and expanding managed care. By statute, at least 50% of the individuals covered under Medicaid will be enrolled in a care coordination program by January 1, 2015. That means that at least 1.5 million of Illinois' Medical clients - children, parents, seniors and disabled persons, will be served by an integrated healthcare delivery system that will include behavioral health and disability supports. Higher participation targets and Medicaid expansion may increase dramatically the number of clients going into managed care.

Many providers and advocates have questions about the impact of these changes and how they will affect services in Illinois. We have a commitment from the Office of the Governor and the Department of Health and Family Services (HFS) to answer all questions regarding Medicaid Reform and Managed Care/Care Coordination Initiatives. For maximum visibility, please submit questions regarding these important issues by December 3, 2012. DHS will work to ensure that questions are answered on a timely basis.

Please submit your questions via email to Michelle Power ( using the format provided below. (A courtesy copy to your DMH Regional Office would be appreciated.) This will allow DMH to compile a comprehensive list of questions for submission in a timely manner. DMH has until December 4, 2012 to submit questions for consideration.

Thank you,

Jacqueline Manker DHS/DMH

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