March 5, 2014 - Child Care Payment Update

For providers that can enter their payments through the phone system (IVR), it appears most have been able to enter without a problem. There appear to be some isolated problems that didn't allow entry of a child, those will have to be addressed through entry by the CCR&R. It appears ALL IVR payments entered on 3/1, 3/2, and 3/3 have an official entry date of 3/4.

  • It appears that payments entered on 3/4 cannot be heard on 800-804-3833 today. Hopefully, those payments will be listed on the number tomorrow.
  • A few providers have contacted us because the IVR system is not recognizing their Social Security Number or FEIN. For those, DHS Child Care needs the providers social security number or FEIN to have their number manually fixed. Email the provider information to: . The numbers will generally be fixed soon, and provider should be able to enter their payments the next day. 

Issue and Approved Payments:

  • Looks like payments approved up to 2/28 and some approved on 3/3 were issued at The Office of the Comptroller on last night, 3/4. This should include MANY payments with entry dates up to 2/27 and 2/28. There are still payments with earlier entry dates that have not been approved by DHS because of some technical issues. We are hopeful those will be approved by DHS soon. Approved and issued information should be listed on 800-804-3833, however a couple days still do not list information on the 800. For those, providers can see if payment has been issued by going to The Office of the Comptroller web site of:

  • Go to Financial Inquiries (tab at top of the page)
  • After Enter, will put in the provider SS# or FEIN
  • For the next two pages, click on Gray Boxes at bottom (Payments and Find Warrants)
  • Most recent payment will be listed at top of the page.

**At this point it looks like some payments entered on 3/3 will be approved by DHS tonight 3/5. We believe funding will remain available at least for another day or two. So, we are hopeful some later entered dates may become approved by DHS later this week.