C A: Exhibit H Linguistics Survey Due April 1, 2014

Exhibit H Linguistics Survey Due April 1,2014 

February 24, 2014

Dear Provider:

This memo serves as a reminder to you that your Linguistic and Cultural Competency Guidelines and Assurances (LCC) assessment is due on Tuesday, April 1.

The Linguistic and Cultural Competency Guidelines and Assurances (LCC Guidelines) are attached to the Community Service Agreements and incorporated under Exhibit H in the provider contract.

All providers who have Community Service Agreements (CSAs) and provide programmatic services to customers that are listed in CSA are expected to adhere to these guidelines.

All Providers with DHS Community Service Agreements are expected to turn in their LCC Assessment by April 1, 2014. If the Provider is not able to meet the April 1 deadline please provide a written justification as to why you were not able to meet the deadline. Please send your „Request for Extension? to Christine Hammond at Christine.hammond@illinois.gov

If your agency has more than one DHS contract, your agency may submit one „Master Assessment? that covers all DHS contracts. If you know that your agency has more than one contract with DHS please coordinate with your agency Executive Director or designee on how to incorporate your contract assessment into your agency's Master Assessment. All LCC assessments including the Master LCC Assessment must include required census data that is relevant for the population(s) served by your agency. If there are multiple contracts included in an assessment, each contract number must be referenced in the master Assessment.

Once the Assessment or Master Assessment is complete The LCC Assessments are to be entered by the provider into the Centralized Repository Vault (CRV). Under the drop down menu providers should select the "other" field to download the Assessment. The Assessment should be labeled in the following way: "Fiscal year of contract, LCC Assessment, Provider Name"- (i.e.: 2014, LCC Assessment, Grand Services).

Please address any questions to Christine Hammond via email at Christine.hammond@Illinois.gov 

Thank you,

Jacqueline J. Manker, DHS/DMH Associate Director

Community Services

cc: Regional Directors