How to Scan a 2D Bar Coded Form

  1. Log into the Web Authentication Portal.
  2. Log into the IBM DataCap home page.
  3. DataCap will route the worker to the Operations Tab.
    Screen Print of DataCap Operations Tab
  4. In the Operations Tab, click Scan and DataCap will route the user to the Web Job screen.
  5. The V Scanning batch number will appear on the upper left hand screen.
  6. Write down the Scanning Batch number on the 1st page of the upper left hand corner of the document.
    Copy of Change of Information Form
  7. Review documents to ensure pages are in proper order. Check to see if the pages are printed on the front side of the document or if the document is double sided.
  8. Rotate the documents so that they are upside down, then place the documents faced down into the scanner feeder.
  9. Click the Alter Scanner settings box.
  10. Click the blue Scan button.
  11. A pop window will appear to alter scanner settings.
  12. Click on the drop down menu under scan type and select ADF Front side for documents printed on one side of the form. Select ADF Duplex for documents printed on both sides of the form.
  13. Click on the scan button located on the lower left hand corner of the pop up window.
  14. The scanner will then scan in the document.
  15. Close the pop up window identified by the red "X" located in the upper right hand corner.
    Screen print of Closing pop up window
  16. All pages of the document are now visible in the Web Job V Scanning Batch window.
  17. Double-click on the first image of the document (Image 1) to ensure the image is clear. Click on each image located on the right side navigation menu to view all images.
  18. Click on each of the additional images associated with the document to ensure that each image is clear.
    1. Use the red arrow located to the right of the minus sign to rotate documents if necessary.
  19. If all documents are clear, click DONE in the upper right hand corner of the screen.
    1. If one or more documents are unclear, cancel the batch and rescan the documents. Return back to Step 4 of this wizard.
  20. DataCap will route the user back to the Operations tab.
  21. Click on the Monitor tab to view the work queue.
  22. Filter work queue by batch, operator, or station.
  23. Click on the blue QID number located to the right of the batch number for Web Job.Verify.
    1. Refresh page periodically until QID number turns blue.
  24. User will be routed to Web Job.Verify screen.
  25. A pop will appear stating: All Documents are complete. If all fields have been entered correctly, click Ok to finish the batch.
  26. Click cancel to update fields for accuracy if applicable.
    1. Review the function type, request type, and document drop down fields to ensure accuracy
    2. Once complete click verify and a pop window will appear stating:  Validation Passed.

    3. Click Ok then click submit. Worker will again receive a pop up window stating:  All Documents are complete

    4. Worker will again receive a pop up window stating:  All Documents are complete. Click Ok to finish the batch.
  27. DataCap will then route the user back to the Monitor tab.
  28. Click refresh until the status of your batch reads "Job Done."
  29. Documents have now been routed to CCMS.