DDD Acronyms

Acronym or
Full Wording
ABLE Adult Basic Literacy Examination
ACCT Active Community Care Transition
ACD Assistant Center Director
ACES$ Avenues to Consumer Employer Services & $Supports
ADA American Disabilities Act
ADPR Alternative Day Program Request
AHBS Adult Home-Based Support
APS Adult Protective Services
ARPA American Rescue Plan Act
AT Active Treatment
BALC Bureau of Accreditation, Licensure and Certification
BCABA Board Certified Associate Behavior Analyst
BCBA Board Certified Behavior Analyst
BCS Bureau of Community Services (also called Regions)
BQM Bureau of Quality Management
BRPS Bureau of Reimbursement & Program Support
BTS Bureau of Transition Services
CABA Certified Associate Behavior Analyst
CANTS Child Abuse & Neglect Tracking System
CASAS Comprehensive Adult Student Assessment System
CBA Certified Behavior Analyst
CBTA Competency-Based Training Assessment
CCI Child Care Institution
CE Center Director
CDS Community Day Services (formerly Developmental Training)
CE Continuing Education
CGH Child Group Home
CHBS Children's Home-Based Supports
CILA Community Integrated Living Arrangement
CLF Community Living Facility
CHMC Community Mental Health Center
CMS (Federal) Center for Medicaid & Medicare Services
CNA Certified Nursing Assistant
COLA Cost of Living Adjustment
CRA Community Resource Associate
CRP Community Rehab Provider
CRS Community Reporting System (AKA ROCS)
CRV Central Repository Vault
CSA Community Service Agreement
CFSA Catalog of State Financial Assistance
DASA Division of Alcohol and Substance Abuse
DBA Doing Business As
DCFS Department of Children & Family Services
DD Developmental Disability
DDD Division of Developmental Disabilities
DFPR Department of Financial & Professional Regulation
DHS Department of Human Services
DHSCRS Department of Human Services Community Reporting System
DMH Division of Mental Health
DOA Deparment on Aging
DRS Division of Rehabilitation Services
DRS VR Division of Rehabilitation Services Vocational Rehabilitation
DSP Direct Support Person
DT Developmental Training/Day Training (Day Program)
DUNS Data Universal Number System
EAP Employee Assistance Program
E4E Equip for Equality
EEC Executive Ethics Commission
EFE Equip for Equality
EHRS Emergency Home Response Service
EIN Employer Identification Number
EOP Emergency Operations Plan
EOR Employer of Record
EVV Electronic Visit Verification
FCRC Family & Community Resource Center
FD Facility Director
FE/A Fiscal Employment Agency
FEIN Federal Employer Identification Number
FRB Fixed Rate Budget
FST Family Support Team
FTP File Tape Protocol
GAC Guardianship & Advocacy Commission (aka OSG)
GATA Grant Accountability & Transparency Act
GATU Grant Accountability & Transparency Unit
GED Graduate Equivalent Diploma
GMS Grant Management System
GO Governor's Office
GOMB Governor's Office of Management & Budget
GRF General Revenue Funds
HAN IDPH Health Alert Network (HAN) Web Portal
HBS Home-Based Services
HCBS Waivers Home and Community-Based Services
HCD Human Capital Development
HFS Department of Healthcare & Family Services
HIP Home Individual Programs
HIPAA Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act
HRA Human Rights Authority
HRST Health Risk Screening Tool
HUD Housing and Urban Development
I/DD Illinois Council on Developmental Disabilities
IB Information Bulletin
ICAP Inventory for Client & Agency Planning
ICDD Illinois Council on Developmental Disabilities
ICF/DD Intermediate Care Facility for Developmental Disabilities
ICF/IID Intermediate Care Facility for Individuals with Developmental & Intellectual Disabilities
ICF/MR Intermediate Care Facility for Mental Retardation
ICPN Illinois Crisis Prevention Network (contracted)
ICQ Internal Control Questionnaire
ICR Indirect Cost Rate
ID Intellectual Disabilities
IDFPR Illinois Department of Financial & Professional Regulation
IDPH Illinois Department of Public Health
IEP Individual Education Plan
IES Integrated Eligibility System
IGA Intergovernmental Agreement
ILGA Illinois General Assembly
IOC Illinois Office of the Comptroller
IPE Individualized Plan for Employment
IRS Internal Revenue Service
ISC Independent Service Coordination
ISP Individual Service Plan
ISSA Individual Service and Support Advocacy
LIT Line-Item Transfer
LL Limited Liability
LLC Limited Liability Corporation
LPN Licensed Practical Nurse
LTC Long Term Care
MBR Merit Based Review
MCDD Medically Complex Facility for Individuals with Developmental Disabilities
MER Monthly Expenditure Report (aka Monthly Grant Invoice)
MFP Money Follows the Person
MIS Management Information Services
MMIS Medicaid Management Information Systems
MMU Medical Management Unit
MRO/MCO Division of Mental Health Community Mental Health Medicaid Rehabilitation Option or Clinic Option
NOFO Notice of Funding Opportunity
NOSA Notice of State Award
NPI National Provider Identification
NPO New Provider Orientation
OCA Office of Contract Administration (Auditors)
OCR Office of Civil Rights (in HHS)
OIG Office of Inspector General
OJT On-the-Job Training
OSG Office of State Guardian
OT Occupational Therapy
PAS Pre-Admission Screening
PCP Person Centered Plan
POA Plan of Action
POC Plan of Correction
POS Purchase of Service
PPR/PFR Periodic Performance Report/Periodic Financial Report
PRA Programmatic Risk Assessment
PSW Personal Support Worker
PT Physical Therapy
PUNS Prioritization of Urgency of Needs for Services
QIDP Qualified Intellectual Disabilities Professional (formerly QMRP and QSP)
QoL Quality of Life Surveys
QPN Quality Placement Meeting
REDE Medicaid Redetermination
RF Region Facilitator
RIN Recipient Identification Number
RN Registered Nurse
ROCS Reporting of Community Services
SAC Statewide Advisory Council
SAMS Statewide Account Management System
SAP Systems, Application, & Products (State-wide accounting system)
SDA Self-Direction Assistant
SEP Supported Employment Program
SHP Special Home Placements
SIB Scales of Independent Behavior
SIU Southern Illinois University
SLA Supported Living Arrangement
SLC Specialized Living Centers
SLP Speech Language Pathologist
SODC State-Operated Developmental Center
SSA Social Security Administration
SSDI Social Security Disability Income
SSH Short-term Stabilization Home
SSI Supplemental Security Income
SSN Social Security Number
SST Support Services Team (also ICPN)
STAR Service Termination Approval Request
STOFHLA Short Test of Functional Health Literacy in Adults
TA Temporary Assignment
TABE Test of Adult Basic Education
TC Transition Coordinator
TF Task Force
TIN Taxpayer Identification Number
TLP Third Party Liability
UGA Uniform Grant Agreement
UGB Uniform Grant Budget
UIC University of Illinois at Chicago College of Nursing (MFP Quality Assurance/Nurse Consult Vendor)
UPS Uninterrupted Power Supply