February 21, 2014 Redeploy Illinois Oversight Board


Redeploy Illinois Oversight Board Members and Staff. The public is welcome to attend.


February 21, 2014, 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.


This meeting will be conducted via video conference with Chicago & Springfield Locations as follows:

  • Chicago: 401 Clinton Building, 7th Floor Executive video conference room.
  • Springfield: Harris Building, 3rd Floor Executive video conference room.


  1. Call to Order
  2. Approval of Minutes
  3. Staff Update
  4. FY14 Status of Funds
  5. FY14 Remaining Funds Discussion
  6. Expansion Committee
    1. Funding Decisions Made by Committee
    2. Status of County Expansion Efforts
    3. Status of Additional Funding Recommendations
  7. Redeploy Focused Update
  8. Annual Report
  9. Legislative Updates
  10. Next Meeting: March 21, 2014
  11. Adjourn


  1. Call to Order
    Grace Hong Duffin called the meeting to order at 1:10pm.
  2. Roll Call
    Grace Hong Duffin, Betsy Clarke, Peter Parry, Janet Ahern, Anne Studzinski, George Timberlake, Paula Wolff, Athena Farmakis, Mary Reynolds, Karima Douglas, Esther Franco-Payne, John Payne, Karrie Rueter, Michele Landers, and Emily Rose.
  3. Approval of Minutes
    Erica Hughes requested that Shamsideen Balogun be added to the January 24, 2014 minutes. Also, it was mentioned that the year for the January minutes needed to be corrected.
    Motion: Anne Studzinski motioned to approve the January 2014 meeting minutes. Betsy Clark seconded the motion. Decision: January 2014 minutes were approved.
  4. Staff Updates
    Karrie Rueter reported that the Redeploy Coordinator position had been posted. DHS Personnel offered a candidate that program believed did not meet qualifications. Ms. Rueter is meeting with DHS Personnel following the RIOB meeting. A new staff member is expected to be identified in the near future. Several Board members expressed their desire to have a full time position dedicated to the Redeploy program.
  5. FY14 Status of Funds
    Ms. Rueter described the handout that provided a status of current obligations as well as anticipated FY15 projected obligations. Included in the document were initial award amounts, increases previously approved by the RIOB as well as those increased annualized and projected into FY15. The contractual staff position is now zeroed out but a new position has been added. In Summary, there is approximately 1.3 million dollars unobligated in FY14. For FY15 the anticipated unobligated amount is estimated to be about half that leaving approximately $600,000 to fund additional expansion efforts etc.
  6. FY14 Remaining Funds Discussion
    See below.
  7. Expansion Committee
    1. Approval of Expansion Committee Minutes by Committee
      Motion: Janet Ahern motioned to approve the expansion committee minutes. Ms. Clarke seconded. The motion passed.
    2. Funding Decisions Made by Committee
      The Board discussed that St. Clair budgeted $5,355 to plan and coordinate for the remainder of FY14 and $186,000 for their ongoing annual cost for FY15. Washington, Perry, Monroe, Randolph - those 4 counties combined to have a 3-year average commitment rate of 10. They hired Pat Gott to analyze the files and will be preparing a final planning grant. $5400 is what the committee approved and voted on for FY14. The Board needs a motion to adopt approval of St. Clair expansion.
      Motion: Ms. Wolff motioned to approve the St. Clair County expansion request. Peter Parry seconded the motion. Decision: The Board approved the St. Clair County expansion request.
    3. Status of County Expansion Efforts
      Tazewell: The committee anticipates an application from Peoria County to expand to Tazewell County; however it is not expected until FY15.
      Champaign: The committee contacted the probation supervisor in Champaign with respect to the possibility of expanding Redeploy into the county. Staff are awaiting a response from the County.
      Sangamon: Committee members and staff have had very positive conversations with Judge Sanchez about the possibility of Redeploy in the County. The Chief Judge has some concerns and the committee offered to speak with him. To date, the invitation has not been accepted. Sangamon has already completed a planning grant and would be eligible to come on board as a full Redeploy site.
      The committee reported that Rock Island and Adams counties have also expressed some interest in becoming new sites in FY15.
      Mary Reynolds indicated that a State Representative from Kane County had reached out to her about becoming involved in Redeploy. Kane County had a planning grant in 2008. Ms. Clarke and Judge Payne spoke with them last year about becoming a site and at that time, county officials were concerned that they could not make the 25% reduction requirement. A review of their commitment data indicated that they would have met the 25% reduction requirement. The Committee was directed to again reach out to Kane.
    4. Status of Additional Funding Recommendations
      Ms. Ahern informed the board that My Time-Lawrence Hall has been very successful with employment opportunities for communities that will help young people become more successful. Vendors can come in and host a booth at the All Sites or JJ conference that can explain what they do. Also, we could invite people that are not sites, but potential sites. Ms. Ahern informed the board that My Time-Lawrence Hall has been very successful with employment opportunities that help young people become more successful.
      Ms. Rueter informed the Board the committee surveyed the sites to see if they do youth employment and job readiness. There were fewer sites than expected that do job readiness.
      The committee moved forward and offered one time funding to put youth employment opportunities in place. The offer had been out for one week and thus far the committee has only received one response - Peoria County.
      Peoria County proposed taking Redeploy youth to work on relief efforts in Washington, which was devastated by a tornado in November. This represented an increase of approximately $5000 to the Peoria
      Redeploy contract.
      The Board discussed allocating funds to train sites on work readiness programs. Among the ideas considered were vendors presenting at the All-Site conference, having a booth at the Re-Connecting the Pathways Conference in order to explain what they do. The Board also thought it was important to invite people from potential Redeploy sites in addition to current Redeploy sites. The board also discussed using Redeploy funds to support the Pathways conference.
      Motion: Ms. Clarke made a motion to approve funds for the Work Readiness Program in Peoria. Timberlake seconded. Decision: The Board approved funding for the Peoria Work Readiness Program.
  8. Redeploy Focused Update
    In an effort to provide additional site required trainings to connect providers, YNC proposed utilizing up to $17,000 of Redeploy Focused Funding. The specific training opportunities were discussed.
    Motion: Ms. Studzinski motioned to approve reallocating $17,000 of the Focus funds to the Training line for the purpose of providing additional training opportunities for current sites, including but not limited to the one discussed. George seconded. Decision: The Board approved the reallocation of $17,000 in Focused funds to the Training line.
  9. Annual Report
    Ms. Rueter asked the Board to review and provide comments, edits, and feedback. The report is complete and ready for final comments. Ms. Rueter requested Board members send pictures to be considered for the cover. Ms. Rueter was looking specifically for further suggestions regarding the recommendations section of the report. Ms. Rueter would like to release the Report prior to the next Board meeting if possible.
    Motion: Ms. Wolff motioned to approve the Report for release with the following stipulations: 1) Ms. Rueter will email the revised set of recommendations (if revised) and 2) Ms. Rueter will email the Cover page to Board members so that they can review to ensure that additional are not needed prior to release. Ms. Studzinski seconded the motion.  Decision: The Board approved the Report for release as identified in the motion. 
  10. Next Meeting
    March 21, 2014 
  11. Adjourn
    Motion: Ms. Wolff motioned to adjourn the meeting. Ms. Clarke seconded the motion.  Decision: Meeting adjourned at 3:05pm.