SNAP Approvals Transferred from ABE Customer Call Center to the FCRC

Illinois Department of Human Services


See Policy Memo dated 10/11/13, Telephonic Signature/ABE Customer Call Center

For SNAP cases approved in IES by the ABE Customer Call Center (FCRC #150), the ABE Customer Call Center will transfer the active SNAP case, including active medical with SNAP cases, to the receiving FCRC. 

ABE Customer Call Center staff will take the following actions:

  • Transfer the case in IPACS
  • Change the caseload number to CCC and the Office of Choice (Item 80 Code 668 OOC) indicator. 
  • Complete the Notice of Case Transfer (Form 85) and send to the customer.
  • For Downstate FCRCs, ABE Customer Call Center will assign a new basic number specifically issued for this transfer action.

A new Mobius report (BOPM002-1) has been created to identify active cases with SNAP that have been transferred from the Call Center to an FCRC. This report will be produced monthly.

The receiving FCRC is responsible for reviewing the Mobius report monthly and ensuring the 'CCC' caseload is changed to reflect the correct FCRC caseload criteria. The first report will be available the end of January 2014. 

[signed copy on file]

Michelle R.B. Saddler

Secretary, Illinois Department of Human Services

Forms referenced:

Form 0085