Remaining FY 2013 NMRO Funds


Remaining FY 2013 NMRO Funds

July 16, 2013

Dear DMH Provider,

We have concluded FY2013 and we are fast approaching the end of Lapse Period. To ensure we do not lapse the remaining FY2013 NMRO funds, and to ensure these funds are being used in the Mental Health system to benefit Community Providers the Division will be removing additional MNRO funds from the contracts and applying these funds to reduce the delay in the Medicaid payment cycles.

This communication serves as your assurance that any FY2013 claims that are received and meet the normal claim requirements will be paid out of the FY2014 funding and in the event a provider needs additional funding in FY2014 for their NMRO, the provider's contract will be increased.

Managing cash flow is an important responsibility of the Division and this is one more step to ensure providers receive payments in a reasonable time frame. The expectation is for cash flow to improve even further in FY2014.