FY14 BALC Review of CILAs Providing Developmental Disability Services

CILA providers are surveyed for licensure purposes by the Department of Human Services, Bureau of Accreditation, Licensure, and Certification (BALC). A provider in "good standing" is licensed for three (3) years. The frequency of reviews by BALC during that three-year period depends on the score of the initial review of that period. Providers scoring 93% OR HIGHER will be reviewed three (3) years. All other providers will be reviewed yearly.

Please see Explanation of BALC Percentages of Compliance for CILA Providers for a description of the levels of compliance with Administrative Rule 115 as determined by BALC. Corrective actions required are also explained

The table below lists the names of the CILA providers surveyed in FY14, the ending date of the review, and the percent of compliance with Administrative Rule 115.

Name of Service Provider Date of Review Percentage
in Compliance
A Step Forward 07/18/13 99%
CuBBull, Inc. 09/11/13 94%
Family Association Plus, Inc. 08/07/13 95%
Golden Community Living Center 09/10/13 81%
Oak/Leyden Developmental
Services, Inc.
07/12/13 88%
Residential Developers, Inc. 07/10/13 100%
Shamrock Services 07/18/13 100%
Wabash Area Vocational
09/09/13 100%