IES Network Scanning Support

Updated 1/30/2015

New ItemIMPORTANT MESSAGE: On 1/30/2015 - numerous old files were inadvertently restored to your IES Network Scanning folder.  Please delete .LCK folders and any old files that have already been processed. 

Items to report to the DoIT Service Desk - (217) 524-3648 V, (312) 814-3648 V, (866) 277-5669 TTY :

  1. User that had access to the Office Network Folder, has lost access to folder and is at the same office
    • Information to give to DoIT Service Desk:
      • DHS IES Network Scanning,
      • Office Name,
      • User Name,
      • User's Illinois.Gov ID and
      • what type of access the user had (Read Only (RO) or Modify (MOD))
  2. Xerox machine was set up for IES Network Scanning and now it doesn't work.
    • Information to give to DoIT Service Desk
      • Xerox Name
      • Xerox IP Address
      • Local Office Contact Name & Phone Number that DoIT can call to test the Xerox after they fix it.
      • Ask to have ESR ticket number assigned to DoIT - Midrange Wintel Administration.

You Need Access to an IES Folder

Complete a IL444-4144 MIS Request indicating the staff person's office, IES Folder Name and what type of access the user should have (Read Only (RO) or Modify (MOD)). DoIT will give access to that particular IES Scanning Folder. 

When Staff Move to a New Office from an Existing Office 

Complete a IL444-4144 MIS Request indicating the staff person's previous office and their new office and what type of access the user should have (Read Only (RO) or Modify (MOD)). DoIT will remove their access from the previous office IES Scanning Folder and give access to their new office IES Scanning Folder.   This information can go on the IL444-4144 MIS Request that is completed to obtain all other network and system access ( and DHS ID).  See Instructions for New FCS Employee Request for Access to DHS Networks and Systems.

New Xerox (MFD) is set up in your Office and it needs the IES Folder Created

Complete a IL444-4144 MIS Request and in the Narrative Description put "Configuration needs to be completed on the Printers Name, Your Office Name, Printer IP Address, IES_Scanned_Office Name and a contact person's name for DoIT to test it after DoIT sets up the printer.  Email the completed and signed IL444-4144 MIS Request to and in your email ask that it be assigned to the DoIT -Midrange Wintel Administration.

IES Network Scanning Folder Link

The link is: \\\dhs\ies_scanned1\yourofficename - "yourofficename" will be your particular office i.e. Bond, Humboldt Park, Medical Field Operations, etc.

How to create the network folder shortcut on your desktop:

  1. Single Left Click on the Windows button (lower left hand corner).
  2. Use the shortcut keys to Copy  (Ctrl+C) the link above and paste (Ctrl+V) it into the  "Search Programs and Files" box. 
  3. Change "yourofficename" to the name of your office i.e. Bond, Humboldt Park, etc.
  4. Press the Enter key and Windows Explorer window will appear with the folder path at the top.  (i.e. Network\il084nsxdhs1\ies_scanned\Bond)
  5. Left click and hold to drag the folder to your desktop.  That will create a shortcut on your desktop.

If need assistance, please call MIS Customer Service & Training at 217-557-4250.