Ligas Transition Service Plan Compliance

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Division of Developmental Disabilities
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Ligas Transition Service Plan Compliance
September, 2013


All Ligas Class Members who move to community-based settings on or after July 1, 2013, are to have Ligas Transition Service Plans (TSP) completed within 12 months prior to their move. PAS/ISC agencies were given training on the TSP process and requirements in April of this year. The PAS/ISC agencies are to report the TSP completion dates on the monthly Ligas update report submitted to the Division. Based on the last data reported, 133 Ligas Class Members have received CILA services since 07/01/13. Of the 133, only 21 individuals have been reported with a Ligas Transition Service Plan completed prior to moving. In total, 10 of the 18 PAS/ISC agencies had someone move since 07/01/13. Of the 10 agencies, 8 have TSPs missing prior to the individual moving.

Process and Procedure

The TSPs are a provision of the Ligas Consent Decree and compliance is required. We believe the TSP process is a valuable enhancement to the service delivery system to ensure individuals needs and preferences are met. While we understand the pressures of implementing a new process in the face of such capacity expansion, we must ensure compliance with this important provision.

In order to improve the rate of compliance, as of September 30, 2013, the Division is requiring that a TSP (IL462-0159) be included in all service funding request packets for individuals for whom a TSP is necessary. If you have questions about the TSP process and its applicability, please review:

For PAS/ISC agencies needing technical assistance in completing TSPs, please contact the TSP consultant with the Division of Developmental Disabilities:

Mark Friedman, Ph.D.
Phone: (615) 812-4950

Effective Date

As of September 30, 2013, the Division is requiring that a Ligas Transition Service Plan (IL462-0159) be included in all service funding request packets for individuals for whom a TSP is necessary.

Through October 7th, if a service funding request packet has recently been sent to the Division, staff from the Bureau of Transitional Services will call the PAS/ISC agency to obtain the TSP for the individual prior to processing the packet. After that date, service funding request packets without a TSP will be returned to the PAS/ISC agencies as incomplete.

The Division is taking this action to ensure TSPs are being completed. Staff in the Division will not be reviewing each TSP for quality assurance; however, sample desk reviews will be conducted at a later date. Further, the completion and quality of the TSPs is an item that will be added to the tools used by the Bureau of Quality Management in future years.

It is the Division's intent to end the requirement that TSPs be submitted with each packet once compliance is achieved. In the meantime, this action will be in effect until further notice.