OMB Proposed Uniform Guidance for Federal Grants

The following information also appears on the White House Office of Management and Budget website

DHS providers whose programs are federally funded or whose programs are used by the State of Illinois for matching funds will want to pay attention to the proposed changes. 

The FULL TEXT of Proposed OMB Uniform Guidance: Cost Principles, Audit, And Administrativer Requirements for Federal Awards (pdf)  This is the full text of OMB's proposed guidance for grants. 

You may also go to the federal site at!documentDetail;D=OMB-2013-0001-0002  to retrieve the document and access more information about this proposed change. 

Additional Information about the Proposed Changes

The following links go to documents that are intended as supporting materials to facilitate review of the Proposed OMB Uniform Guidance for Federal Financial Assistance.  The commenting time period is now closed.  However, you may find the documents helpful in understanding the proposed changes.

Crosswalk from existing to proposed guidance

Crosswalk from proposed guidance to predominant source in existing guidance

Administrative Requirements Text Comparison

Cost Principles Text Comparison

Audit Requirements Text Comparison

Definitions Text Comparison

For more information on Federal grant management policies or the Council on Financial Assistance Reform, please visit .