EVV Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is EVV?

    "Electronic Visit Verification" (EVV for short) is a telephone and computer-based timekeeping system that electronically verifies when and where services are provided to customers of the Home Services Program. By using the telephone to call in and call out, the system records the precise time each service begins and ends.

  • Why is Illinois implementing EVV?

    Illinois recently passed legislation requiring the Illinois Department of Human Services/Division of Rehabilitation Services (DHS/DRS) to acquire and implement a new system of monitoring care for our customers.

  • What is the purpose of EVV?

    The purpose of EVV is to verify that all Home Services Program (HSP) customers are receiving the services authorized for their support and for which the state is being billed.

  • Who will have to use EVV?

    Personal Assistants, CNAs, LPNs, and RNs will use EVV to call in and call out when they provide services to Home Services customers. Home Services customers with internet access will use a special web page (the "Customer Portal") to review the times recorded.

  • When do we have to start using EVV?

    All providers need to start calling in and out on January 1, 2014.

  • Is there a cost to use EVV?

    There is no cost to HSP Customers or Individual Providers.

  • Will I be trained on how to use EVV?

    DHS/DRS offered classroom, webinar, and phone-based training in the months leading up to January 1. Training videos are still available on the DHS EVV website and audio training is available via telephone. Small group trainings are available in many DRS Offices.

  • Will my IP have to use my phone?

    Yes, and a landline is the preferred way to make the calls. If you don't have a landline please contact he DHS EVV Help Line at 1-888-713-5139 (1-888-575-0531 TTY) to request assistance in receiving a landline telephone. In addition, if you have your IP assisting you at work, or at another location, you can use those phone numbers for call in and call out.

  • I'm worried that the system won't work right, and I will lose services, or my IP won't be paid on time and will quit.

    DHS will use the first several weeks after January 1 as a "grace period" to allow customers and IPs to get used to the new system. We have a "safety net" procedure in place to make sure that services are not interrupted, and that IPs are paid on time.