FY14 Indirect Cost Rate Proposal

Dianne's note - content taken from 60868

FY14  - Indirect Cost Rate Proposals

Providers who receive $250,000 or more in funding from the State of Illinois, including all Departments or Agencies thereof, and whether State or Federal funds, must submit an Indirect Cost Rate Proposal in accordance with Federal regulations for approval no later than 60 days after their submission of audited financial statements.

Providers who have had an Indirect Cost Rate Proposal approved by a cognizant Federal agency must submit an Indirect cost Rate Proposal, but DHS will accept that proposal, up to any statutory, rule-based or programmatic limit.

This applies to:

  1. Providers who charge or expect to charge, any indirect costs; and
  2. Providers who are allowed to charge indirect costs under federal or state statutes, state administrative rules, and agency or program rules, regulations and policies.

Please note all FY14 Indirect Cost Rate Proposals should be posted to the CRV.