4681 - Thrush - Yeast Infection

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Thrush - Yeast Infection

Breastfeeding mothers are more likely to get Thrush if:

  • You had a yeast infection before your baby was born.
  • You or your baby has taken antibiotics.
  • Your nipples are cracked.
  • You have diabetes.

Symptoms of Thrush in a Mother:

  • Nipples suddenly become very sore.
  • Nipples are bright red and you have burning or shooting pains in your breasts.
  • Baby has a yeast infection.

Symptoms of Thrush in a Baby:

  • White patches on the baby's mouth or tongue that will not wipe off.
  • A diaper rash that will not go away. It may be bright red, bumpy or peeling.

Treatment of Thrush - Yeast Infection

A yeast infection usually does not go away on its own. Your doctor may prescribe medicine for you and your baby.

The medicine may be

  • Topical to be rubbed on the skin or in the mouth.
  • Pill or a liquid form to swallow.

Tips to help the medicine work better

For your baby:

  • Use the dropper to measure the medicine into a small cup.
  • Use the medicine after nursing or feeding the baby.
  • Dip a new clean cotton swab (Q-Tip) to "paint" or swab the medicine into the baby's mouth and on the tongue.
  • Follow your doctors instructions.

For mom:

  • Rinse your nipples with clear water. Pat dry and apply the prescribed medicated cream to your nipple area.
  • Follow your doctors instructions.

Helpful Hints:

* Wash your hands with warm soapy water and dry with paper towels,

before and after:

    • feeding your baby
    • changing diapers, and
    • applying medicines.
  •  Boil for 20 minutes every day, anything that goes into the baby's mouth. This includes:
    • pacifiers, teethers, bottle nipples, cups, toys, rattles. You must also boil your breast pump parts.
  • Throw away all bottle nipples, pacifiers and toothbrushes used during the infection after one week of medication.
  • Keep your nipple area dry.
    • Change nursing pads and your bra often.
  • Wash anything that comes in contact with the baby or your breasts in very hot water.
    • This includes all towels, wash cloths, cloth diapers and bras.
  • Use a clean towel and bra every day
  • Contact your doctor or nurse if you or your baby are not better by one week after starting your medicine.

For breastfeeding help during your course of treatment, call your lactation consultant.

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DHS 4681 (R-06-13) Thrush Yeast Infection

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