Volume VI, Issue XI - June 2013

From:  Theodora Binion, Director
Division of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse

FY 2013 Medicaid Claims

DASA Medicaid providers may have received rejections for Medicaid services with the error message "945: DASA Medicaid Approp Has Been Exceeded." The original FY 2013 Medicaid appropriation of $43,396,400 was utilized for the fiscal year, resulting in rejections to provider claims.

A Medicaid supplemental of $9,000,000 has been approved by the Governor's office bringing the FY 2013 Medicaid appropriation amount to $52,396,400.

Providers should continue to send in FY 2013 Medicaid claims for payment. Those Medicaid services that rejected with the 945 error message above will be resubmitted by the Illinois Department of Human Services/Management Information Services (DHS/MIS).

Resubmission of the Medicaid claims at the provider level will result in duplicate errors. Providers should not submit these rejected Medicaid services for DASA contract payment.

Please contact the DASA Help Desk at DHS.DASAHELP@ILLINOIS.GOV with any questions you may have regarding this process.