Citizenship Verification Requirement at Redetermination

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  1. Summary
  2. Verification of Citizenship
  3. Other Acceptable Documentation of Citizenship
  4. Citizenship Review under IMPR
  5. Recommendation from Maximus


This action memorandum clarifies that redeterminations processed through the Illinois Medicaid Redetermination Project (IMRP) require that citizenship has been verified and properly coded.  For information regarding the Illinois Medicaid Redetermination Project refer to policy memorandum, Illinois Medicaid Redetermination Project, dated 02/13/2013.

Verification of Citizenship

Verification of U.S. citizenship and identity is required for all persons receiving medical assistance.  The Wire Third Party Query (WTPY) inquiry, an electronic source, is used as the primary source for proof of citizenship. Refer to PM 22-14-03-e

Other Acceptable Documentation of Citizenship

If citizenship is not verified through WTPY, the original citizenship document must be viewed and copied by the Family Community Resource Center (FCRC) or Healthcare and Family Services (HFS) staff.  Refer to WAG 03-01-01-b for other acceptable documentation.

Documentation must be marked to indicate that the original was viewed. 

Citizenship Review under IMPR

If Maximus identifies that citizenship has not been coded as verified in a client's record, an Information Request Notice, is sent to the customer.  The customer is instructed to provided required document to the nearest FCRC. The no wrong door policy applies. When the FCRC receives the requested citizenship document they will:

  • view the original or official certified document;
  • photocopy the document;
  • the staff person receiving the documentation must indicate in writing, on the photocopied document, that the original or certified copy was viewed and photocopied; and
  • staff must fax the document to the appropriate All Kids Unit or FCRC that is serving the case.

If citizenship documentation is received and it was requested by Maximus, fax the verification to Maximus at 1-855-394-8066 or send scanned documents to the web address at Include the case name and case number on the documentation before sending.

Refer to PM 03-01-01-b if a person reports that they were unable to obtain the requested documentation. 

Recommendation from Maximus

Maximus will code citizenship as "verified" or "unverified" in the IntegriMatch system when making the redetermination recommendation.

Caseworkers must update the citizenship coding in ACM or IPACS when working cases from IntegriMatch system. 

[signed copy on file]

Michelle R. B. Saddler

Secretary, Illinois Department of Human Services

Julie Hamos

Director, Healthcare and Family Services