Acronym Definition
ACCT Active Community Care Transition
AT active treatment
BTS DHS Division of Developmental Disabilities' Bureau of Transition Services
CILA Community Integrated Living Arrangement
CRA Community Resource Associates
DD Developmental Disabilities
DT Developmental Training - Day Program
DHS (IDHS) Illinois Department of Human Services
DRS Division of Rehabilitation Services
EFE Equip for Equality
HFS (IHFS) Illinois Healthcare and Family Services
ICDD Illinois Council on Developmental Disabilities
ICF/DD Intermediate Care Facility for Developmentally Disabled
ID Intellectual Disability
IDPH Illinois Department of Public Health
ISP Individual Service Plan
ISC Individual Service Coordination
ISSA Individual Service and Support Advocacy
ICAP Inventory for Client and Agency Planning
OSG Office of State Guardian
OIG Office of Inspector General
MFP Money Follows the Person
PAS Entity Pre-Admission Screening Entity
PCP Person Centered Plan
PUNS Prioritization of Urgency of Need for Services
QIDP Qualified Intellectual Disabilities Professional
SODC State Operated Developmental Center
TC Transition Coordinator
UIC University of Illinois at Chicago College of Nursing - MFP Quality Assurance/Nurse Consult vendor
QoL Quality of Life Surveys