Information Memo: Increased Copays for Medical Services

Increased Copays for Medical Services


In response to the Saving Medicaid Access and Resources Together Act (SMART Act), the co-payments for some services are increasing due to the increase in the nominal cost sharing rates published by Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services. 

Client Notices CN1311E-S Important News About Your Medical Benefits (pdf) and CN1312E-S Changes to All Kids Share and Premium Level 1 Benefits (pdf) were mailed the week of 03/18/13 to persons with active cash and medical cases.

There is no co-pay for pregnant women, people enrolled in the Breast & Cervical Cancer treatment program, residents of nursing homes, supportive living facilities and intermediate care facilities. Indians who have or are currently receiving services delivered by an Indian healthcare provider or through referral under contract health services do not make copayments.